Just Give God Something to Bless



Every New Year we write down our resolutions with the intent of completing every single one of them.  But that is where they often remain, written down and rarely acted upon.  We pray to God for change… change in our careers, change in our love lives, change in our homes etc.  But we don’t pay attention to the gifts/opportunities he has given us. Instead we become discouraged because, “It’s too hard”, “I need motivation”, “It costs so much money” or “I don’t have the time”.

Days will pass

Days become weeks

Weeks become months

And then it’s June! (Does this sound like anyone else’s 2013)  

You are no further along than when you wrote out those resolutions.

So today’s Call to Action is to GET STARTED!

It doesn’t have to be perfect… (Apple can’t even perfect the iPhone and yet every year people wait patiently for the newest “version”…).

But if you don’t get started, if you don’t take the risk, if you just sit on the Gifts God has given you then what progress can be made in helping you thru those resolutions?

So today, if you have put that resolution list down, dust it off, and take the first step to completing those goals!

Be Blessed


P.S. I can’t help but to mention the 2 ladies that encouraged me to write this post on our “Results not Resolutions” Conference call, Natalie Gouche & Patrice Cunningham Washington. This is not a sponsored post but I felt the need to share what I learned with my readers! Please check out their website links below: 

Patrice Cunningham Washington – http://www.seekwisdonfindwealth.com

Natalie Gouche – http://www.nataliegouche.com



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