The New Year Purge

If it doesn't nourish your soul, get rid of it

With barely 1 week into the new year, many of us have accumulated things over time. (Dare I say we also have received some unwanted Christmas gifts) So today’s post is devoted to purging and getting rid of those things!

1. Unsubscribe from unwanted email lists. 

Unsubscribe from email lists that you either don’t need, have never read or only subscribed to for a coupon…

If it is of no use to you then why receive it everyday, sometimes several times a day? It only take a minute to remove yourself from their email list.

2. Complete those UFO’s — Un-Finished Projects —

For all of my Artist, Crafters, DIYer’s & Weekend Warriors … It’s a new year. You have finished making all of those DIY Christmas  gifts and constructed all of the toys you will ever need to make for the children. Now is the time to focus on your own projects. It also works best if you put a time limit on your projects! Get the easiest projects done first and get them out of the studio/living room/garage! Your family will appreciate it!

3. After you have finished those UFO’s — GET RID of the scraps!

As a Crafter /DIYer, I know it is hard…. But that little bit of yarn will not yield another scarf. Those little beads are not big enough to create another necklace. They are taking up space in your house and studio! Do a good deed this year and donate them to a church, school or Girl Scout Troop in your area! They will really appreciate the gift and make good use of those scraps.

4. Check the kitchen cabinet for expired food/seasonings

Over time I will buy a food item, put it in the back of the kitchen cabinet and forget it! I swear the back of the kitchen cabinet is the equivalent to the back of your bedroom closet. Go thru your cabinets/pantry and just check the dates. Many items are still good for days or weeks after their “use by, sell by” date.

5. Clean out that Closet!

This is the hardest thing because we all become emotionally attached to our clothes, shoes, makeup and jewelry. But it’s time to let go of those old items. Besides, if you get rid of a few old things you can buy a few new things!

So make 2 piles – Donate & Keep.

The DONATE pile will be for items that you just don’t want any longer– maybe they don’t fit, they are no longer in style or a gift that you never liked and never wore. Well one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Plus donations are tax deductible.

The KEEP pile are things that you love.. It’s pretty self explanatory. You keep what you wear, use and love.

I hope this helps you in kicking the new year off to a great start! Let me know in the comments below if you have done this and how it worked for you!



One thought on “The New Year Purge

  1. Kita, I LOVE this list that you’ve made because it’s so applicable right now, especially after the new year. I struggle with most of these things on your list, and I’m going to be doing my best to purge and get rid of the things I don’t need (as well as finish a TON of projects that are currently taking up much-needed space in my home!) Thanks for sharing this! Here’s to a lovely 2014!

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