The Thrill of The Hunt — Black Friday 2013–

Are you ready!!! I mean really ready!!

Super Shoppers have been saving months for that special day!

No it’s not your birthday!

It’s Black Friday!!

Now is it me… or does every store stay open on Thanksgiving Day to rack in the sales! Let’s face it Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year! This is the day that many stores make their year (financially).

Now I know if you watch the news then you have heard the argument that stores shouldn’t stay open and let the employees spend time with their families. While I support family time… I am 10+ hours away from my parents and other relatives. So I won’t be going “home” for the Thanksgiving break! And I am sure that many people live a large distance from their family and would rather stay-in versus travel on the road for long hours. Plus many of the workers earn extra pay/time and a half/double pay for coming in to work!

I will be here in DC with my new “family” consisting of friends, neighbors and co-workers. At the end of the night after we have slept thru our turkey coma… we go shopping!

So to get you in the spirit of Black Friday I will share with you some of the flyers and links that are available for preview!!


The people at Wal-Mart have done it again! With 16 days (and counting) before Black Friday  they have already posted their deals! There are plenty of electronics, toys, home goods/decor items etc for you to choose from. You can even have the deals emailed to you!

Wal-Mart will be open at 6PM Thursday night!


Target is also getting you prepared … PLUS they are offering “Pre-Black Friday” Deals and Door Busters!! AND they have a printable map for you to “plan” your shopping trip! (Think lady with the red jump suit! See the video below)

Best Buy!/doorbusters

If you are an electronics junkie plan to spend LOTS of time here! Can’t wait to see the people camped out in tents to get the new Play Station One! They will also be open at 6pm for your shopping pleasure!

So those are just the 3 that I could find direct links to and that will have the most popularity! ( Ok and if I am honest I will be at everyone of these stores waiting for the sales to begin! I will be sure to post pictures! )

So are you a Black Friday Shopper! Post your comments below about your Black Friday Experience!

See you in line,



2 thoughts on “The Thrill of The Hunt — Black Friday 2013–

    1. Yes this year they are having some great sales! You have to really pay attention though because for example– The ipad is the same price between several stores but at WalMart they are giving a $100 gift card while Target is only giving $75!! Happy Shopping to you as well!

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